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Got Punched in the Nuts, Moved House & Started a New Job


I write this entry from a hotel room in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. This will be my family’s home for the next ten days, as we wait for our belongings to be delivered from Tasmania to our new house and is my eleventh house move in thirteen years! This time last week, I was enjoying a final bounce on the trampoline with the kids prior to dismantling it, but our fun frolic ended abruptly when my four year old son lined me up and dragon punched me square in the plumbs.

It hurt, a lot; I swore, a lot, but the pain subsided after a few minutes. It wasn’t until 24 hours later that the real pain began. By the following day I was flat on my back, unable to stand since the force of gravity felt like a troop of angry gibbons swinging from my nads. This was the day before we were due to move house and needless to say I was of little use to anyone. I couldn’t pack my own boxers without it hurting, let alone pack any boxes.

I got the all-clear from an ultrasound and eventually made it through the uplift; arriving in Canberra yesterday, via a relatively pleasant day trip across Bass Straight on the Spirit of Tasmania. I started my new job today and my balls have pretty much stopped hurting now so I am officially back in business…And by that, I mean Blogging.

I closed off 2016 with 42 published blog posts and over 1,000 followers on Twitter. Not bad for three months work and I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement.

So what is in store for WhiskyDad in 2017?

Having moved interstate, I now have access to a whole new part of Australia and plan to explore some of the distilleries nearby. That said, I still have an article about three very different Tasmanian distilleries to share. I also have a few new whisky reviews on the way and a guest blogger review with the team at Scotchology. I will also start sharing my progress in planning a trip to Scotland with Dad-of-WhiskyDad in 2018 and hope you will have some suggestions to help make it a trip of a lifetime.

Keep an eye out for more original WhiskyDad content coming soon.


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