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Whisky Dad Turns One Year Old

Doesn’t time fly? Just two days ago (Oct 6th) marked the one-year anniversary of going live. It really doesn’t seem like that long ago but here are some obligatory first-year facts and figures: has had 22,028 page visits in its first year;

In that time I have posted a total of 70 blog posts;

The most popular posts were From Loss to Blog, How I Became a Whisky Dad and my Interview with Sullivan’s Cove Distillery Heather Swart with 1,759 and 1,026 views respectively;

63.6% of visitors of my blog do so on a mobile device;

My social media followers include 2,345 on Twitter, 1,095 on Instagram, 430 on Facebook and 133 on Pinterest; and

I’ve recently updated my logo and associated branding and will be working on a new webpage to launch before my trip to Scotland in 2018.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported and followed me over the past year. It has been a truly enjoyable and cathartic experience that I intend to continue into the next year and beyond. I was humbled by the response to my From Loss to Blog article and hope my words continue to help others deal with their own loss and recovery. I always intended Whisky Dad to be more than just a whisky blog and the response to that article proves I have achieved my goal.

I hope my future content convinces you to continue to follow me over the next year and many more new followers choose to join us.


Shane Kinloch
Whisky Dad


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