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Don't Be That Person


Snobbery, is when a person who believes himself or herself to be an expert in a given field, condescendingly rejects the opinion of anyone with differing views on the subject. The scientific name for someone who does this, is a wanker. Don't be that person.

Snobbery is rife in the world of whisky and it ranges from the ignorant who believe misinformation supporting their own prejudices, at the exclusion of all other opinions; to the worst kind of wanker who uses their knowledge of, or access to whisky, to try and appear superior to someone else. But it is possible to become a whisky wanker unintentionally. It is very easy to form these snobbish opinions, especially if they are passed down to you by someone you respect or look up to. But you do not have to be a wanker forever.

Some people have such good taste they can't enjoy anything. ― Marty Rubin 

The easiest way to become a whisky wanker is to falsely believe that you know it all. Look at it this way, what a terrible thing it would be to know everything about any one thing. No more surprises, no more discovery; been there, done that. A huge part of what makes whisky great is learning new things and expanding your tastes. Don't exclude a great number of products for no other reason than you read this or heard that. Try it for yourself and if it's bad, use it as a comparison to what is good. Enjoy the good with the bad, the strange with the familiar, the cheap with the expensive. 

But we all know that wankers exist and always will, so how do you deal with it. Don't buy into it. Don't let their limited view of whisky distract you from your own journey and experiences. If they feel big by showing off their tens of thousand dollars worth of dusty bottles, then good luck to them. If they only ever drink one particular brand because it is 'the best' then let them. If they toss your gift in the back of the cupboard because it is only a blended whisky and not a single malt then save yourself some money next time. Everyone is different and we all enjoy whisky differently. Surround yourself with people who share your passion and life will be much more enjoyable.


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