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Help Me Plan My Trip To Scotland In 2018 - Part One


In a little under a year, Dad-of-WhiskyDad (i.e. my Dad) and I, will be travelling from Australia to Scotland for a 28-day whisky adventure!

We will be arriving in the UK around May 21st, next year, flying in and out of Manchester Airport and hiring a car to get around. There are a few things we really want to do, but for the most part we are open to suggestions for the must see, must do, Scottish whisky experiences.

In order to maximise enjoyment and minimise the need to stick to a strict schedule, of the Scottish Isles we will only be visiting Islay. As much as I would love to visit them all, I would rather spend a few days on Islay and save the others for another visit. We will also be spending a significant amount of time in Campbeltown since the timing of our trip is intentional to align with the Campbeltown Malts Festival and hopefully a five-day Springbank Whisky School as well. I imagine we will spend some time in and around the Highlands and Speyside in the second half of the trip and visit Edinburgh on the way back south.

Dad-of-WhiskyDad spent his childhood in an English town called Corby, after my grandparents moved there from Scotland; so we will finish our trip in Corby and have a few ‘Where Did I Come From’ moments along the way.

How Can You Help?

If you have been to Scotland before, what are your must-see whisky experiences? Distilleries we must visit, tours we must take, places we must go, people we must meet and sights we must see. Or perhaps you know a few whisky secrets you are willing to share? This will be an ongoing process and I will keep you abreast of the plan leading up to the trip itself and of course, I will blog my experience whilst over there.

If you would like to make suggestions to help shape our Scottish whisky adventure, please do so either using the comments at the end of this post or via the WhiskyDad Facebook page or Twitter.


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