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Interview with Joel Hauer of Whisky Loot


I’m joined today by Joel Hauer of the new Australian-based whisky subscription service, Whisky Loot. For those who are not aware, a whisky subscription service is a service that sends subscribers a regular package of whisky in exchange for a fee. This operates similarly to a wine club but since whisky is usually much more expensive than wine, you may only get smaller sample bottles rather than full-sized retail bottles.

Hi Joel, what is your background and why start your own whisky subscription service?

My background is in marketing & startups, and I've always had a passion for whisky, although I also want to ensure people don't make the same mistakes and have the same frustrations I had when I tried to learn more & taste more of what's out there. I acknowledge that I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable in the world of whisky, so we have plans to get an expert ambassador onboard to help curate the themed boxes each month, as this will add a level of trust and transparency to the offering.

What makes Whisky Loot different to other whisky subscription services on the market?

We're focusing on premium whisky at a reasonable price, with 3 x 60mL bottles at $60/mo. including delivery. In order to achieve this, we're partnering with the distilleries directly and forming relationships to make this mutually beneficial and passing on the reduced costs to consumers. We've been talking with a lot of Whisky lovers, distilleries, bar owners and business people to try and ascertain pain points that we can solve. There's a lot of heritage within the industry and established practices which we think are somewhat outdated and could be done a bit better.

What do subscribers get for their money?

We're focusing on education first and foremost, by proving consumers with relevant tasting notes and allowing them to form their own opinion about the Whisky. Each bottle is presented in a premium monthly box, which comes along with a tasting booklet allowing people to write down their thoughts as they taste. Our site will also double as a shop, showcasing recent tasting boxes' full bottles, at a member only discount.

Are subscribers committed to buying even if they are not interested in a particular month's selection?

The subscription system allows people to skip a month they may not be inclined to taste, and even pause for up to 3 months at a time. 

Do you sign up for a particular number of months? Can you cancel at any time?

Cancel anytime on a monthly recurring delivery.

Is the Whisky Loot service restricted to addresses within Australia? What about our neighbours in New Zealand?

Not immediately, we have plans once launched to push into different markets.

Can you order a single sample box to be sent to someone else as a gift?

Yes, 3, 6 or 12-month gifts.

From how many whiskies will you be choosing your sample boxes from and can you give any examples of future selections?

Themed boxes, to be released online 7 days prior to the billing date - giving customers ample time to skip that month if they don't like the sound of that themed box.

So when does Whisky Loot go live and how can someone sign up?

It is live now for pre-orders, just head to

Thanks for your time Joel and all the best for the Whisky Loot in future. 


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